What's building control all about?

Watch this video to discover what local authority building control surveyors get up to on a day to day basis and what aspects of the job they enjoy. They also talk about what it takes to be successful in this kind of career.

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Video transcript

Russell Blackman, Building Control Surveyor at Hertfordshire Building Control

Benefits of working with building control as opposed to being out on site in my old career really is more flexibility and freedom.

You're not stuck to one site you go to more sites, you meet more people, you can be more interactive and also you're giving advice and helping different builders with their own problems and I find that very rewarding using that knowledge.

Suzanna Jenkin, Building Surveyor / Renovations Project Manager at Hertfordshire Building Control

On a day to day basis I tend to drop the children off early at breakfast club and that gives me the early morning to look at plans and drawings for the houses, properties that I'm going to be visiting later that day.

I then do the site visits normally between about ten and three and then back home or back to the office to do the write-up of reports after that.

Sally Gray, A1 Trainee Control Surveyor at Hertfordshire Building Control

What I enjoy most about my job role is the fact that every day is different, every project is different and every site is different.

David Eggleton, Head of Building Control at Hertfordshire Building Control

As Head of Building Control I find it really rewarding actually training, we have a selection of graduates, undergraduates and even apprentices and actually developing them into people who are going out on grounds and making a difference. That's really satisfying.

Suzanna Jenkin (continued)

The team here are great and as somebody who's new to the industry, it's given me amazing access out on site to different kinds of construction types, different techniques.

I'm also getting to work with other professionals here who are so experienced, I can learn from them and it's a really friendly team to work for.

Russell Blackman (continued)

My advice to anybody working in construction and would like to make a change to building control will be do it. I've done it and if you're prepared to give up a bit of spare time for study and learning and go to the extra mile occasionally.

It's been brilliant for me I've really enjoyed it.

Simon Heywood, Managing Director at Hertfordshire Building Control

They're probably someone who likes variety, they've got to be able to speak to a range of different people, architects, builders.

They're going to be in the office dealing with technically, very intellectually demanding issues, they're going to be out on-site interpreting those in a very practical way.

So, I think if you've got that kind of individual as a building control surveyor in your team you've done very, very well indeed.