Public service is incredibly important to Lorna and many others in local authority building control and it makes what they do worthwhile. Watch this short video to find out what she feels about it.

What does public service mean to you?

How important is it to you?

If you're eager to help keep people and their property safe, protect homeowners from unscrupulous tradesmen, educate professionals and the public about the right way to build and help to improve accessibility and energy efficiency then building control is a career you should be considering.

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Video transcript

Public service building control is about, for me, impartiality. It is about making decisions based on what needs to be the right outcome. What is the right outcome for all of the stakeholders and being able to do that in a regulatory environment that isn't compromised in any way.

So that's what public service means but it also means about having that ethos of making things better and things being right for people who might not be part of that decision-making.

So stakeholders in building control, or that's a fancy word isn't it? The beneficiaries of building control, you know everybody who goes into that particular building. So if it's a school, the school children are beneficiaries of also doing a good job.

I think working for local authority and being a public service officer, it is about having just that little bit closer to that relationship. You are working for the people of your borough and so, it's like anything else if they ring you up and they want their bins emptied you make that phone call to the people who empty bins.

We are public servants that's what we do. We're not just building control and there to make money, we're building control and there to make buildings and environment safer for the people who are going to use them.

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